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Help your employees take control of their cash flow in these tough times with cash-flow forecasting and payment flexibility across pay cycles.

With too many Australians already living paycheck to paycheck, many employees are now facing reduced working hours, have been stood down or lost their jobs and are relying on government assistance. With a reduction in income, things just got a lot more challenging and people will need to adjust their lifestyle spending choices and tightly manage their cash flow.

Employers, you can help your staff ease this burden and empower your people with the tools to take charge of their money. You might also consider providing some salary in advance.


Have better insight into their future financial outcomes.

Deeply understand their current financial habits - specifically spending and how these behaviours are likely to affect their future.

Automatically identify all current financial commitments (bills and loans) to identify what needs to be paid when and their ability to meet these commitments.

Set a plan for upcoming weeks to identify how to live within current constraints and automatically track progress against this plan on a 
daily basis.

Apply for and receive access to immediate (within 24hrs) short term funding to help cover essential lifestyle costs.

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