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New Feature!


Defer a BPAY bill or borrow up to $200 cash

Apply for a SmartSpend to help break up a hefty BPAY bill into smaller more manageable sized payments. Or get a spot of cash up to $200 deposited into your account to help manage your cash flow.

All you gotta do is pay us back over 8 weeks with personalised repayments based on when and how much you can afford to repay. We have the smarts to know when you get paid, so we’ll only take out a repayment if we know you have the dosh.

SmartSpend Beta

Here's How
It Works:

  1. If you haven’t already, download the Fu app and become a member:
    Download the app
  2. Link your everyday bank accounts that receive your regular income + spending accounts
  3. Tap on the shiny new ‘SmartSpend’ option in the menu to begin your application. SmartSpend


Defer a bill with Fu Bills or use Fu Cash & get a deposit into your account



Defer all or just part of your bill

Personalised payments

Personalised repayments

Pay us back over 8 weeks


Keep up to date

See your next repayment in-app


Be over the age of 18.

Pass an identity verification check.

Have regular weekly income of $300+ per week.

Income cannot come from government payments.

Have sufficient affordability to pay us back.

Fees and

Here at Fu our fees are so small you’ll barely even notice them! In order to use SmartSpend, we simply charge you a processing fee that covers the cost of moving money. THAT’S. IT!

Once we start to grow even bigger, those processing fees will only get smaller and smaller. Need a spot fast? Calculate your fees below;

Calculate fees and repayments

Enter a payment amount between $50 and $200:


Max Repayments

Paid over 8 weeks with the frequency and number of repayments customisable to your own unique needs.



Split equally between your 0 repayments. Minimise the number of your repayments and you'll lower your fee.

Terms and conditions apply.


We don't ever charge monthly account fees or interest. It's a better deal for you, and it feels good for us.

Read more about our fees